Our journey towards creating an equal future
At inAfrika, we are passionate about driving investment in African projects. Founded with the vision of empowering entrepreneurs and creating opportunities for growth, our crowdfunding platform connects investors with innovative businesses and impactful initiatives across the continent. We aim to foster economic development, create jobs, and drive positive change in Africa.
Invest in Africa and support our mission for economic growth
We focus on investment opportunities in Africa. Join us in driving economic growth and making a positive impact.
Why Invest
Discover a wide range of investment opportunities in Africa and contribute to its development.
Our Vision
We envision a prosperous Africa driven by sustainable investments and economic empowerment.
Founded by diaporians, experienced in fintech
Meet the passionate individuals driving African development.
James Agbodo
Marketing & Product
Led growth at Credit Karma Int, Nutmeg & Paysafe
Vince Bayeto
Partnerships & BD
Built relationships at Barclaycard, Intuit & Worldpay
Ryan Richardson
Legal & Compliance
Lawyer and legal counsel at Barclay & Tesco bank
Investment Lead
Looking for superstar with experience in African investments